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    Home-buying doesn't have to be a hassle. PenFed is with you every step of the way with tools, information and great loan rates. We'll help you answer some common questions and give you the information you need to shop with confidence. Use our calculators to set your budget and remember to read our checklists and articles for helpful advice along the way.

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    It's normal to be a little nervous when you start the journey toward a new home. A new home can be a great investment and a first home is an important milestone in financial independence. Answering a few simple questions for yourself can make you feel more prepared and confident in your decision.

    • Are you ready to settle down in one place?
    • Can you set aside time to be involved in the process?
    • Have you put aside money for your down payment?
    • Are you ready to "be your own landlord"?

    If you answered "yes," take the next step and check out the great loan rates PenFed has to offer. Or Get Started today!